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Ever have those days where you just can't get warm, even with the heating on? Sometimes during the winter it can be really hard to keep cosy and comfortable, but if you're looking for some useful ways to keep warm in your home this winter, you're in the right place.

We've created this list of handy winter warming tips that will help you keep your house – and most importantly, you – nice and toasty during the winter.

So let's take a look. Here's how to keep your house warm in the winner, in 22 easy steps...


1. Hot water bottle

Holding a hot water bottle close to you is an easy and cheap way to warm yourself up. And if you find that your bed is always cold, why not place a hot water bottle in there for half an hour before you intend to get in? That way you'll be getting into a lovely warm bed straight away.




2. Exclude drafts

If you're heating your home, the last thing you want is a draft working against you. Not only is it a waste of money, but it'll also mean you'll struggle to get comfortably warm. Ensure drafts are kept to a minimum by using draft excluders on doors. You should also make sure that windows are sealed properly. If there's any cold air coming through, use some sealant to seal them up.


3. Warm bath

Another great way to keep yourself warm during those cold winter nights is to relax in a nice warm bath. Not only will it heat up your body, it'll also help you to relax and unwind at the end of a stressful day!


4. Wrap up

Blankets are the ultimate comforter, and wrapping yourself up in one whilst relaxing at home is a great way to keep you warm. Keep a blanket close to hand in your living room, so that you can easily throw it over you if you're feeling the winter chill.


5. Cuddle up

Another easy (and free) way to keep warm is to share body heat. So if you're spending some quality time with your significant other, why not cosy up together and keep one another warm? If you're on your own, pets such as dogs and cats are also great for sharing body heat!


6. Microwaveable plushes

Okay, if you've got nobody and no pets to snuggle up to, there is another option. These cute microwaveable plush characters are great for giving you a warming boost. Simply put them in the microwave for a couple of minutes, and hold them to your body to take advantage of their warmth.


7. Light the fire

Although your central heating can warm up the house, sometimes you want to make the room you're relaxing in feel nice and homely as soon as possible. By putting the fire on, you'll get the extra boost from the flames. If you don't have a traditional fireplace, don't worry – you can replicate the heat output and warmth of an open flame by using an eco-friendly alternative; a bio-ethanol fireplace.



8. Layer your clothes

If you're feeling the chill, the best way to get warm and stay warm is to layer your clothes. Wearing several layers not only prevents heat escaping the body, but also traps it in between the different layers, keeping you warmer for longer.


9. Use your ceiling fan

Here's a great winter warming tip. You know that ceiling fan that you use all through the summer to cool you down? The one that collects dust through the winter because it's never used? It can help warm up your room. If you flick the switch so that the fan moves in a clockwise direction, it will push the hot air that rises back down into the room. A cheap and easy way to take advantage of the warmth already in your room.


10. Set heating on timer

Using your thermostat effectively can really make a difference in the winter. If yours has a timer setting, use it! You can set the heating to come on in the morning before you get up, to prevent that horrible blast of cold air biting you as you throw off the duvet. And you can also set it to warm up the house before you arrive home from work; so it's nice and homely when you walk in from a long day.


11. Eat well

It's important that you eat healthily all year round, but during the winter, you can choose some hearty meals to help keep you warm. Thick stews and soups are great for heating you up, while warm drinks such as tea or hot chocolate are also a good idea if you're feeling cold.


12. Cook more!

One of the great things about cooking at home during the winter is that the oven or cooker offers an additional benefit – extra heat! When you're cooking or baking, heat from the oven will drift from the kitchen into neighbouring rooms, making them warmer. Keeping the bathroom door open when running a bath can have a similar effect, with the heat from the water helping to warm other rooms through.


13. Don't sleep against the wall

Is your bed pushed right up against the wall? If it is, you might feel an extra chill caused by the cold from the wall being transferred to the bed. Try to leave a gap between the bed and the wall to reduce the chances of this happening.


14. Don't block radiators

With energy bills rising, the last thing you want is for your heating to be inefficient. If your radiator is blocked by a sofa or other big object, it won't heat the room as effectively as it could. Prevent the heat being unnecessarily absorbed by reorganising your furniture to ensure radiators aren't blocked.


15. Let sunlight in

Winter is often pretty gloomy, but there are occasions when the sun does burst through the clouds. Keep your curtains open during the day to allow any sunlight to filter in through the windows and heat the house up a little.


16. Keep warmth in at night

What goes in must come out, right? Correct. While warmth can enter through your windows, it can also be lost that way. So when it turns dark and cooler in the evening, make sure you close your curtains which will help to prevent heat escaping through the windows.


17. Throw down a rug

According to Which?, up to 15% of the heat in your room may be lost through uninsulated floors. Whilst it may be possible to insulate underneath the floor to prevent such a big energy loss, it might be a cheaper option to throw down a thick rug, particularly on a hard floor such as wood or tile. The fabric will be much better at absorbing and retaining heat. Choosing a warm colour such as red or orange can also help to make the room feel warmer psychologically.


18. Close doors

It probably goes without saying that if a room feels chilly, it's a good idea to close the door. This will trap the warm air in and prevent a through draft from any other rooms. However, if you're cooking or running a bath, it might be beneficial to keep those doors open for a time to allow the heat to travel into other rooms.


19. Reflect your radiator heat

Heat from a radiator travels in all directions, including backwards. But what's the point in heating up the wall directly behind the radiator? A great winter warming hack is to put a panel of tin foil behind the radiator, which helps to reflect the heat back into the room, where you really need it.


20. Warm up your bed

If you can't bear to get into a cold bed, try using an electric blanket or heated bedding to warm it up for you before you get in. It won't take long to make it nice and inviting for you ahead of bedtime. A note of caution though, don't do this if you're using a hot water bottle in bed as well.


21. Do some exercise

Exercise doesn't just keep you fit and healthy; it also helps to warm you up. If you're feeling a little cool, move around a bit by jogging on the spot or doing some squats. As you stimulate blood flow throughout your body, you'll soon warm up.


22. Loft and wall insulation

It might be an expensive outlay at first, but if your house isn't well insulated, it's a good idea to consider it. You will soon find that your heating bills are reduced, so you'll make back the money over time. Loft insulation can be bought in rolls, which you can then place between the joists in the loft. This will make it much easier to reduce heat energy lost through the roof. Also make sure your loft hatch is well sealed to avoid drafts.


Over to you

If you're wondering how to keep warm in your home during the winter, try out some of the tips above. They will help you keep nice and cosy in the colder months.

Do you have any tips of your own for keeping yourself and your home warm in winter? Leave them in the comments below!