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When the temperatures start to get a little milder and winter begins to fade into spring, many of us look forward to the warmer months.

But for many people, this intervening period brings a dark cloud:

Spring cleaning!

We could have listed some possible excuses you could use to avoid this dreaded task. But we're sure you'd rather have a clean, tidy and welcoming home.

So instead, we've listed some great tips that will help you get organised and blast your way through the spring cleaning in no time!


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The idea of re-decorating can often feel daunting. In your mind, it's going to take weeks to complete and at a hefty price too. However, instead of overhauling the entire room there is a simple way to get a new look in your home: Up-cycling.

Up-cycling seems to be all the rage at the moment. All it takes is a quick search on Google and you've found thousands of photos of shabby chic projects and renovated furniture. However, everyone seems to have their own ways of telling you actually HOW to achieve the look, WHAT can be up-cycled and WHY they chose to develop that piece the way they have.

We've decided to simplify it, so that no matter what ideas you have in your mind, you can achieve your furniture goal. Let's face facts: It's the cheapest way of redecorating. Whether you already have a piece of furniture that has seen better days or you find a bargain at a boot sale, almost anything can be up-cycled in just a few easy steps.

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When the summer sun comes, many of us love to spend time in our gardens. Whether it's relaxing with a book, tending to your flower beds or hosting a barbecue with friends and family, summer is a great time to be outdoors.

But after a long and cold winter, your garden will more than likely need sprucing up before you can really enjoy it. Here are our top tips for preparing your garden ahead of summer.

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